David Pawson "Unlocking the Bible" - Galatians Pt1

TT 2.12.16 Galatians Pt 1

 “Luther’s ‘Katie’ ”

There was once a party political slogan “Back to Basics”, referring to teaching reading, writing and arithmetic instead of all the social engineering subjects.

Well, David Pawson’s message on Galatians brings us back to basics, which the church desperately needs today. 

Luther called Paul’s letter to the “Galatians” his “Katie”, (who was his wife). 

He wrote such a good commentary on this book that John Wesley said about his commentary, “I found my heart strangely warmed.”

John Bunyan said, “I do prefer Luther’s commentary on Galatians, except the Holy Bible, before all the books that I have ever seen, as most fit for a wounded conscience.” (Old English!).

It was also said that Paul’s letter to the Galatians “was the pebble from the brook, with which, like another David, Luther went forth to meet the papal giant and smite him in the forehead”. 

This Bible book therefore was the one that triggered Luther’s “95 thesis”, and then his attempt to reform the Catholic church. He failed to reform the Catholic Church, as he soon found out to his cost. A friend of his learned of an attempt to murder him, which only failed as the friend kidnapped him first. The church then decided to “excommunicated” him.

However, like a snowball, Luther’s input turbo boosted the reformation. 

Non-Catholic churches started springing up everywhere in spite of them being called all sorts of names by the Catholic church, to the point where Protestants were put to death, either by the sword, or by being burned alive, or by torture, war, and murder. Part of the story is revealed in “Foxes Book of Martyrs”.

More and more scholars started protesting against the non Biblical Catholic doctrines, and so they were labelled “protesters” or “Protestants”. They were called heretics, allowing the church to murder them by burning them alive at the stake. They murdered so many, that the Catholic Church murdered more Christians than all the Roman Emperors combined. 

However, it also all led to millions of Europeans being freed from being forced to give their faith to a non Biblical religion. 

Paul’s letter to the Galatians showed Luther just how man made his religion really was. He was able to teach more faithfully what was written in Bible, at a time most could not read or write, let alone get hold of a Bible. The church had kept Europeans in the dark for a thousand years and now it was breaking free. 

Galatians warns of the sins of both legalism and license, explaining that the only godly way is the freedom we have by the Holy Spirit, to not sin. 

What does that mean? It means that if we have the Holy Spirit, we have been given the power to say “NO”. But also, it is from Galatians 5:22-23 that we can recognise those who have the Holy Spirit. When a Christian teacher put up this verse on a school notice board, it was not only removed, but she was given a warning. For homework, look it up, (and there’ll be more next week!)

I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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