David Pawson "Natural Disasters – A Biblical Perspective” Part 1 

Thoughtful Thoughts 20.5.16

David Pawson’s “Natural Disasters – A Biblical Perspective”, Part 1.

This “Natural Disasters” message by David Pawson came about due to questions being asked of him after the Tsunami in Indonesia. David shows that our problems relate to what we believe about God. The followers of other religions don’t have the beliefs that need answers to questions which many ask in the west, as other religions are fatalistic.

Jesus' Death by David Pawson

The Bible does have something to say about natural disasters…for example Jesus did tell us that earthquakes would increase as the time got closer to his return - so He already knew all about natural disasters happening whilst knowing that God could defy natural laws – as He Himself walked on water. In looking at this subject, we should at the very least come out of it seeing that not everything is as it seems.

A heretical Anglican bishop was interviewed on the TV programme “Credo”, who was there to be interviewed about presiding over a church commission to update the doctrines of the Church of England. Asked what he was planning on revising, the bishop replied saying, “We must realise that God is as weak as water.” He went on…“we are all an extended family...with a grandmother who holds the family together”. He added that people would start going back to church when they realised how much God needed them. He believed that God was only able to provide us with emotional support. The Anglican church saw a heretic as being the right person to be put in charge of revising doctrines of the church, all paid for by those giving to it, thinking they are giving to God. Most of the giving comes from the evangelical churches, which is then ‘pooled’ to share with the failing unwanted clergy job creation schemes, like David Jenkins, the heretical  bishop, who denied the virgin birth, the resurrection of Jesus and His miracles and of the physical return of Jesus, (like 50% of all Anglican clergy). Two nights after the appointment of David Jenkins, the East End of the Cathedral that was used to appoint him, was burned down by a lightning strike. Many did not believe God would do such a thing, including evangelical clergy that I know.

That Cathedral is as nothing compared to the Tsunami. I was working in a radio station as a programme producer and news team researcher at the time of the Tsunami in the Java province of Indonesia, and so I had a lot more information than many. For example, it was not reported that the Tsunami washed away a non-government militant Islamic training camp in Java, where up to 30,000 extremists were being trained. Even the government let the fundamentalist extremists get on with controlling Java. The Christians had been killed or forced out of the province.

The tsunami came and went, resulting in such heavy losses in the militants camp, that they were no longer able to keep the government forces out.

After the Tsunami, so many Christians were helping the locals through the aid agencies, that the people living in the province were saying that they never imagined that Christians would come to their rescue and help them as they had been told that Christians were their enemy, so, good did come from the destruction and some degree of order was restored. Not everything is at it seems when we listen to news reports, and we need to review our beliefs about God, and get them from the Bible instead of religious leaders.

Next week we continue where David Pawson left off and I’ll look at other natural disasters like the fire in Canada…and the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

I’m John Dunning bringing you “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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