David Pawson -- Israel in the NT - Galatians 

Thoughtful Thoughts 22.8.16

 “Israel in Galatians”

David Pawson opens up Paul’s teaching in Galatians as it is the main plank used by anti-Zionist” theologians.  

In the present Christians are bypassing the church to show that the church does not represent them because the church in the past has proven itself to be anti-semitic. In the future, Romans 11 says that Jews will respond to the gospel.

In the days of the Crusades the Catholic Church shut Jews into an armaments factory in Venice, which is where we get the term ghetto from.

The church used the armaments for the crusades, where the church used war, to take Jerusalem by force, costing the lives of huge numbers of Moslems, Jews and the European general public in the areas under church control, including even sending a huge children’s army where the Pope gave the children a wooden key which he said would get them into heaven. All the children died on the forced march to Jerusalem before they even arrived.

Jesus' Death by David Pawson

In areas under the Pope’s control, the Catholic church gave the Jews an ultimatum to convert to Catholicism or die. Many ‘converted’ out of fear, but that wasn’t enough for the Pope who authorized the inquisition to torture these so called “Merino Jews”, named after a town that is now in Northern Italy. (The Japanese Emperor threw the Catholic church out of Japan out of disgust at their depravity.)

Luther’s cultural background from having been in the Catholic church still lingered on and even after starting to reform the church, he continued on with the anti-Semitic teaching of the Catholic church, which was picked up and used as an excuse by Hitler to justify murdering the Jews, and who celebrated Luther by ordering the now infamous “Kristallnacht” on an anniversary of Martin Luther.

Later, however, there were some Puritans who picked up on Romans 11 about God’s plans for the Jews. William Wilberforce, who fought against slavery successfully, and Lord Shaftesbury who did so much that a statue to him was put up in Trafalgar Square in London and who also led the way at that time with Wilberforce, in teaching Christian Zionism. Charles Simeon, Bishop Ryle and Charles Spurgeon also noticed Paul’s teaching about the plans God had for Israel and they too stared preaching Christian Zionism.

This led to the formation of the fore-runner to the Christian Mission to the Jews, which was taken over by the Anglican church who gave it the name we have today.  This led to the only church in the Middle East being built as the now famous “Christchurch”, by the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, started as the chapel to the British embassy. The World Council of Churches had been started as an idea to bring Christians together, but by the time the organized church got involved it became an enemy of Israel. This potted history is to flesh out one of the points made last week about “Conversionary Protestants”, acting in spite of the church, and not because of it. I hope this is enough of an “interest getter” to make you want to watch the message.  We should understand what is going on, so we can articulate answers to those still trying to justify anti-Semitism in the form of anti-Zionism. It is important we do not position ourselves against what God has already said in Romans 11 that He will do.

I’m John Dunning and that was “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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