David Pawson - End Times -- Matthew 24 & 25


David Pawson covers what Jesus had to say about “The Last Days” in Matthew 24-25.

The term “end times” is not a Biblical term, but “The Last Days”, is.

The Bible has 735 predictions. 596 have happened….That’s 81% that have already come true. The remaining 20-ish, happen as Jesus return gets closer.

Jesus said in Matt 24 that we must watch for these 4 signs.

Sign 1 -- Wars, famines, earthquakes.

Sign 2 -- False messiah’s and false prophets

Sign 3 – Problems in the Middle East, eventually with an anti-Christ… (meaning ‘in the place of Christ’). Corrie Ten Boom said that she prepared for the “big trouble”, otherwise called the tribulation, by learning the Bible. Jesus says that Believers will still be here at this time.

Sign 4 – Darkness as the sun, moon and stars are switched off.

We can see the first two and a half of the signs now.

An angel told the disciples in Acts 1 that Jesus is coming back…in exactly the same way as He went! Jesus wins! Jesus is coming back!

David Pawson - End Times -- Matthew 24 & 25