David Pawson Sermon - Biblical Covenants - 3 DVD Set

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David Pawson explains the reason ‘why’ some churches “christen” babies who are not able to believe, whilst others only “baptise” believers. And why some churches tell us to “tithe”, whereas others make donations “a freewill offering”. And why some churches “remarry” whilst others do not. And why some meet on Sunday whilst others meet on Saturday of Fridaynight. And why some churches support Israel whilst others do not. Something needs examining and David Pawson explains that the answer is a complete misunderstanding of Biblical Covenants. 

So here, David Pawson looks at Bible covenants to explain exactly where there has been a misunderstanding of the Covenants which God made with different men and also with one enslaved people. By getting the basic fundamentals right, we would have far more unity.

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David Pawson Sermon - Biblical Covenants - 3 DVD Set