Victor G -- A Beautiful Life

1. A Beautiful Life
2. The Gift
3. No Greater Love
4. Every Moment With You
5. I Can Fly
6. I Will Never Leave You
7. Only You'd Understand
8. Jesus Wrote My Name
9. Prayer for a Friend
10. Every Moment With You (Mandarin Version)

Album Notes: I'm excited to share with you my Christian debut album titled "A Beautiful Life". This album consists of 10 songs that i personally wrote. Many of which talk about finding hope, strength and comfort from our Lord Jesus Christ; both in this life and after. This album also brings about a strong evangelistic message that i passionately share. After all that i have experienced with the Lord, it is unimaginable in not wanting to share the love of God with as many souls as possible. I now take this album with me whenever I go and share the Gospel. Given the opportunity, it will be my great joy and honor to do so at your church as well. Finally, i wish you well and hope you enjoy the songs. God bless.  -- Victor G