David Pawson - *NEW*A Commentary on James

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David Pawson says that women love the book of James as it is so practical. It tells us to put our faith into practice. We have two problems in reading the Bible. One is when we don’t understand something and the other one is when we do! The problem we have with James is, that we do understand it.  It is so easy to understand that it is impossible to say we can’t understand it. That means we cannot manufacture an excuse for not obeying it.

Anyway, this is one of David Pawson’s more recent messages and it is full of the kind of wisdom that comes with years of experience.


DVD 1 James 1:1 Introduction and Insight
DVD 2 James 1:2-18 Trials and Temptations
DVD 3 James 1:19-27 Hearers and Doers
DVD 4 James 2:1-13 Favouritism and Freedom
DVD 5 James 2:14-26 Faith and Works - 1. Exegetical
DVD 6 James 2:14-26 Faith and Works - 2. Theological
DVD 7 James 3:1-12 Teachers and Tongues 
DVD 8 James 3:13-18 Competition and Co-operation
DVD 9 James 4:1-12 Hostility and Harmony
DVD 10 James 4:13-5:6 Rich and Poor
DVD 11 James 5:7-12 Patience and Perseverance
DVD 12 James 5:13-20 Sickness and Sin

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David Pawson - *NEW*A Commentary on James