David Pawson - Song of Solomon

Thoughtful Thoughts 12.7.19 The Song Of Solomon.


This week we will look at the Song of Solomon, as we’ve made a start the Poetic Books. 

The Jewish TaNaKh places this book in the “Writings” section, which is the last section of their Bible, along with all the other Poetic Books. 

Solomon’s youthful exuberance comes out in the Song of Solomon. 

Whereas his next book, Proverbs, has the feel of “fatherly advice” to it. 

But what we get from Ecclesiastes is more like grandfatherly warnings, like my driving instructor used to say, “do what I say, not what I do”, because of lessons learned the hard way, due entirely to not following the advice he gave to everyone else in Proverbs.

The Song Of Solomon  

Historically, the problem Christians have had with the Song of Solomon, is that as Gentiles we have been largely influenced by Greek thinking, that anything to do with the body is opposed to anything spiritual. That led to heresies in the church that it didn’t matter what you did with the body as it was separate from anything spiritual. However, Hebrew thinking is the opposite. In fact Jews considered this  book on marriage to be so holy, some Rabbis take off their shoes when reading it. What this book is doing by being in the Bible, is that it is showing us that God is owning the creation of husband and wife relationships. Satan tried to steal it. It is this ownership that God is making of marriage, that results in a Jewish religious leader trying to get Jesus’ permission for divorce and remarriage being OK. Jesus’ reply you can read for yourself in Matthew 19:8-9, Mark 10:11-12, and Luke 16:18, which was a reply which the Jewish religious leader didn’t like.

Anyway, the Song of Solomon is the book where God is owning His creation of husband/wife relationships, by giving His stamp of approval of the pure version of marriage being in His Holy Word. (As long as it follows the pure version that He created, and not any other version.) Jesus only accepted the version God intended, as He replied, “it was not so from the beginning”; because, every other version is a change from what God intended, coming about after sin entered the world, and because of it.

David Pawson tells the background story behind the book so well, that I simply refer you to his video on our homepage. I leave you to look up those references given, about what Jesus said.

I’m John Dunning and that’s “thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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