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Thoughtful Thoughts 17.11.17 

“The Bible”

The 500 year celebration of the reformation has been highlighted in the Christian media lately, celebrating the Bible being taken out of the control of the church and bringing it into the public domain. This resulted in the church’s apocryphal teaching having the light of the Bible shone on it. Every reader could then read the truth for themselves. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs records for us that the church burned to death hundreds of those trying to make the Bible readily available. This shows the extent of the depravity of the organisation that chose to murder those making the Bible available. In fact they chose to murder in the most tortuous slow manner evil could devise, to the extent that Queen Mary went down in history with the nickname “Bloody Mary”.

The 500 year celebration is a reminder for us of what it cost to have the Bible made available. Once the Bible was available, it changed the world. As a “taster”, let’s see in what way that is true...

Constantine became emperor just after his conversion to Christianity. Having a new heart resulted in him outlawing death by torture, (which in his day was by crucifixion.)

In the same way, in England, Elizabeth 1st, the first Protestant Queen, outlawed the church’s preferred manner of murdering dissidents by torture, (which by then was by being burned alive, usually after many other tortures.) Bringing the church under the monarch for all its weaknesses did stop the murderous army of churchmen torturing to death the  Bible translators, publishers, printers and distributors. (For more go to Foxe’s Book of Martyrs as there’s too many to name here).

The Pope was so incensed at Britain’s exit from the empire of the Roman church, that he tried to murder  Elizabeth many times. There were so many attempts to murder her that failed, that she came to see her life as being Divinely protected. That was the consequence of “Brexit” back then.

The good effect was that Britain started changing for the good. In England, Bible believing Member of Parliament, William Wilberforce used his life to successfully outlaw slavery.

Bible believing MP Lord Shaftesbury, used his position to transform Britain from abusing the poor and mentally ill, to a society protecting them. A statue to him is now a tourist attraction in central London. (His legacy endures still today through “The Shaftesbury Society”.)

Bible believing George Muller started a faith-based orphanage.

Bible believing Thomas Barnardo housed and fed 8,500 children in his lifetime in 96 centres and “Barnardo's” has since become the biggest child agency in the UK.

In Wales, Bible believing Christmas Evans was so badly beaten after becoming a Christian that he lost an eye in the attack. He went on to change the lives of so many Welshmen, that Wales itself was changed for good.

In Scotland, Bible believing social reformer Thomas Guthrie started homes and schools for children, dismissing the clergy as lacking any real faith, citing their main occupation as being drinking, gambling and the theatre.

The church was the world with a false label, turning people away from God, like a false signpost.

In India, the Bible teaching missionary William Carey used his Christian influence with the Governor to outlaw the burning alive of the widows of men who were being cremated.

(In the first Century AD, 'doubting' Thomas had already changed one province in S. India so much that it remains the state with the most freedoms to this day.)

Missionaries to Africa used coffins as suitcases because their life expectancy was a mere three years, but they changed the southern half of Africa so much, that Islam only got as far as north Africa and only got that by bloodshed. The CNN news website shows that slavery still exists today in North African Muslim countries.

Missionaries to China influenced it so much that even after Mao forced the missionaries to leave China, going on to persecute the remaining Christians wherever he found them, the church still grew to become the world’s biggest. One of the last remaining missionaries had made such an impact in his lifetime that he was even remembered by the president during the Chinese Olympic games. (Their influence started early on, with the anti-footbinding movement, thanks to a missionary in the Qing Dynasty.

Then in Egypt evangelical missionary Lillian Trasher started a faith-based orphanage and school which still exists.  There are just too many to name but it compares to the list in Hebrews 11.

The common denominator is the Bible which changed the lives of the people who God then used to change the world for good. No wonder Satan was using his followers to burn alive anyone making the Bible available. As Jesus once said to the disciples after sending the disciples on a missions trip "I saw Satan falling over".

Some 40 years ago, Francis Schaeffer said that the greatest problem for the church in the future will be the loss of the truth. Well, he was right as the church arrived at that point many years ago. The church continues to fight God in its criticism of the Bible and by ignoring it. Not so long ago a Bishop wrote a criticism of David Pawson saying he took the Bible too literally. David wants that criticism read out as a tribute when he goes to be with his Lord. What will be said of us, I wonder, when we it’s our turn to go the way of all men?

I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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