David Pawson Revelation Seminar - Part 5a

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Thoughtful Thoughts 23.7.21 by John Dunning; Revelation Pt 5a

Continuing where we left off…

Rev. 10:1-7

There will be no more delays.


John is commissioned to take this revelation to the world.


Special messengers will witness for three and a half years. ‘in the city where their Lord was executed’. They will be given special power to protect themselves with and to punish.

Then they will be killed but rise up on the third day and ascend to heaven.

Another earthquake destroyed 10% of the city killing 7,000. Another ‘woe’ has passed. 

Chapter 12

The 7th ‘trumpet’, (shofar in Hebrew), is blown.

Heaven worships God, and pagans rage. 

The battle heats up. Satan is allowed no place in the heavens and only has earth to inhabit now, which is facing many ‘woes’. Already furious, he uses his time to bring more and more persecution on God’s people. God provides supernatural protection for them.


A powerful religious leader, (the beast), emerges who Satan gives great power to. Everyone on earth will worship this figure except those belonging to the Lamb, v.8. God’s people must endure and keep on persevering, v.10b.


Then another powerful religious figure emerges who does magic tricks and who makes people worship the first beast, yet who is only a man. V.18, (represented by the number 666, which represents man.)

Like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this series is a journey, so we continue with Part 5b next time. Meantime, please read the passages we are covering during the week.

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Meantime, this is John Dunning signing off from “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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