David Pawson - Genesis Pt2

Thoughtful Thoughts 9th November 2018. Genesis Part 2. Spiritual Warfare, Part 2.

The genesis of Genesis

A science teacher visited a former pupil who had become a successful Christian businessman. In the office of the Christian businessman, the visiting teacher was impressed by a globe of the world in the corner of his office, and so he asked who made it. The Christian businessman replied that a big bang had made it. So, the teacher laughed but said, “No seriously, I would like to know who made it?” So, the Christian replied, “Well I’m just telling you what you taught us at school”.

The theory of evolution is taught as if it were a fact, and therefore making young Christian students crumple up if they have no answer to offer. Too often they give in to peer pressure to find acceptance.

Statistically, Christian students who give up before starting work, usually show little interest in following Jesus Christ after they start work. It’s as if they become inoculated against Christianity, by thinking they know what a Christian is. All this shows the importance of what we are discussing here. Actually, so many of the scientists were not atheists, because science points to what God has made.

The Bible explains things that science can’t. What is unreasonable is to believe that matter appeared from a vacuum without a Creator. Faith is perfectly reasonable as it explains how we got here.

Plan B. Discrediting Genesis.

Last week we saw that Satan’s Plan A of using the church to ban the Bible (and science), was running out of steam. Bible believing Christians fought back against the church by printing Bibles in the local language, even at the cost of their own lives. The truth of the Bible had finally escaped! Believers learned to ignore the church and obey God instead. God fearing scientists started to be able to breath again and mankind started to move forward for the first time since religious leaders tried to make themselves world king, calling their empire ‘christendom’.

Jesus believed in Satan, and we see many of his tricks in the Bible. CS Lewis writes about the tricks of Satan in his book, “The Screwtape Letters”. As Satan’s “Plan A” started to come apart, half way through the last century, Satan came up with a “fix”. Enter “Plan B” ;- To discredit the Bible, as the truth was out with it being printed. Satan twisted science to do it. There was good science where men were on a journey to discovery the truth. Then there were the “Lord Haw Haw” types, in the scientific community.

I will come back to that point in a minute, tracing thinking back to ancient Greek philosophers .

Christian students need arguments for their faith at school and Uni before they are made to feel ignorant, so I have come up with a few basic arguments students can use when challenged.

1). The first law of physics that I was taught at school was; “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed - but only changed from one form to another”.

In other words, according to the most elementary laws of physics, matter cannot be created from nothing. Something cannot come from nothing. The laws of physics state it is an impossibility. Yet, the theory of evolution breaks the very laws of physics which scientists agree is the most elementary principle. Christians say that God existed first and created matter.

2). Evolutionary scientists have invented a replacement for God, called “The Big Bang”. One smart reply for Christians students can be to ask, “Who made the Big Bang?!” In other words, those trying to replace God with theories can be answered back, by asking who created the matter for the big bang that evolutionists rely on?

Evolutionists can’t answer the problems they create, like who created the “matter” that is needed for their big bang theory, as it cannot be created or destroyed. So students can answer!

3). Charles Darwin…

Students will just love to have this answer up their sleeve...

David Pawson points out that Charles Darwin had already read the ideas of Erasmus Darwin (his grandfather), regarding evolution, who got his ideas from the a Greek philosopher, Aristotle.

After doing a bit of research, I discovered that there’s a great long list of philosophers and biologists who built on the ideas of those who went before...

Many hundreds of years ago, Plato, had a thought about human development, and which Aristotle developed still further, adding to it biological development. His ideas were developed by Goethe. Then Count George-Louis Le Clere de Buffon developed Goethe’s ideas. Then along came Jean-Baptiste Lamarck who developed Count George-Louis Le Clere de Buffon’s ideas. Then the grandfather of Charles Darwin, (Erasmus Darwin), copied and developed Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s thoughts...until finally... you’ve guessed it, Charles Darwin came along and developed his grandfather’s  ideas. He ended up writing a thesis using his drawings from his great expedition. In other words, Charlie boy did not come to his conclusions independently and by his own observations. Darwin was pre-programmed. He used his observations to fit the programming he already had from grandad.

Anyway, in spite of all that, the order of events for creation that science has came up with for creation, is the same order as described in Genesis. How could Moses have known all that? Um, well let’s see, could it be by Divine revelation?

A huge number of scientists are Christians because of what they know as scientists. In fact David Pawson did a science degree before ever studying theology, and because of that, he trained in how to question things, in order to get at the truth of something.

David’s six part series on Genesis looks at ideas and theories as well as theology, so it should help students to prepare themselves for college, so that they can answer those who ask, as Paul proposed we do. 

A Christian investigative journalist in New Zealand, ‘Ian Wishart’, went to the trouble of laying on a conference, led by Christian creation scientists giving evidence for “Intelligent Design”. At the conference, they covered the incredible advanced motor details in even the more basic forms of life, leaving us to wonder at creation’s amazing design, but which schools never go into, as they would undermine evolution. Their conclusion was that the only possibility is that the world has a Creator. It is not scientific to believe that what we have came from nothing. A creator is discounted in spite of the evidence by some teachers.

As Sherlock Holmes was credited with saying to Watson, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”; (Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), which all sounds very logical to me Holmes!

Paul tells us in Romans 1:20 that creation itself points to a Creator God. Because a fair minded person can see the logic of that, many thousands of scientists believe in God. See you for part 3 next week.

I’m John Dunning and that’s ‘Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

PS The picture with this blog shows how the sun gives heat and light to the earth. Think on the miraculous nature of the earth being just the right distance from the sun and in the right place. And that is just one of the billions of miracles.

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