David Pawson - The Gospel of John Pt1

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Thoughtful Thoughts 17.9.21 by John Dunning. The Gospel of John, Part 1.


The same John who wrote Revelation wrote the Gospel of John, which we are going through verse by verse in our weekly devotional, available by clicking the link at the end of our weekly teaching blogs. Therefore it is fitting for us to use our teaching blog to provide an overview as background information, in order to get more out of it.  


In the book of Exodus God stipulates certain colours to be used in the Tabernacle. Each colour represents an attribute of the Godhead.

Let me explain… 

Purple represents Kingship. (Matthew chooses to focus on this in his gospel).

Scarlet represents Sacrifice and Servanthood. (Mark focuses on this side of Jesus.)

Linen represents Humanity, (Luke focuses on the humanity of Jesus in his gospel).

Blue represents Divinity, (John focus on the Divinity of Jesus in his gospel.)

In John, we will see how John reveals to us the Divinity of Jesus. John wants us to see who Jesus really is. 

These colours tie in with the four dimensions represented in Exodus, and each Gospel relates to one of those dimensions. 

For more on this, read “The Four Faces of God” by Bickersteth and Pain. 

We can see from this that by reading the “Old” Testament as well, we will see how everything was prophesied and that it all fits together, with what we now refer to as the “New” Testament. Bear in mind that the writers of the “New” Testament only had the “Old” Testament to go on and they wrote showing just that. We can see how the Bible all hangs together, proving it was all inspired by one Divine Editor:- God. You couldn’t make up all this inter-connectivity from 40 Bible authors writing 66 books.

It wasn’t just John who saw who Jesus really was, but all the other apostles were prepared to die for acknowledging Him too, because they also saw who Jesus really was. There are essentially two families in the world - those in God’s family, and those who have not yet joined it. Jesus’ family is the only family that does not lose members through death!

If you believe the Bible is the most important book in the world, have you read it? At least start with the “New” Testament. Follow the story with us week by week, on www.inspirational.org.nz

This is John Dunning signing off from “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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