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Thoughtful Thoughts 16.2.18 “Unlocking The Bible”; Luke’s Gospel

Each week we are going through David Pawson’s “Unlocking The Bible” video series. This week it’s Luke’s turn.

Luke shows us the humanity of Jesus.

In the Old Testament when the tabernacle was being prepared, very high quality linen was required which had to be used by the priests. (We mentioned before about the requirement that fabrics had to be of purple and scarlet.)  Well, linen represented humanity in the tabernacle requirements. 

Now here in the New Testament, Luke’s gospel focuses on the humanity Jesus. One of the books that added greatly to my knowledge on the different sides to God, was a book written by a Baptist and an Anglican called “The Four Faces of God”, by Bickersteth and Paine. They refer to Ezekiel’s vision in chapter one, as well as the meaning of the linen to help explain the pictures used to four faces of God. (Recommended reading).

All these pictures help us understand the Bible more, which is why I hope you continue on with us in this Bible study course. I wish the teachers I had had, knew what I only discovered only gradually over time with continued Bible study. If God thought it was important to go through all this to teach it to us, then it must be important. That is why we should need to learn it. When Reader’s Digest tried to condense the gospels into a shortened version, it was a flop. It had lost this multi-dimensional picture of Jesus.

You will read through the whole Bible in a year if you read 3 chapters of the “Old Testament” daily, from Monday to Saturday, and 5 chapters of the New Testament on Sunday. (And if you are behind, or want to getahead, just add a Psalm each evening).

If you believe the Bible is the most important book in the world, have you read it?

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I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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