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Thoughtful Thoughts 12.8.22 by John Dunning. The return of Jesus, Part 3

Prologue: SUMMARY of end times events from last week which Jesus listed…

a) worldwide disasters which is the last warning to repent, 
b) followed by a worldwide time of persecution for believers, 
c) followed by big trouble in the Middle East, and finally, this week’s blog, point d).
d) the sun, moon & stars going out and Jesus returning – with angels gathering up those who belong to Him. 

Introduction to how Jesus will return…

Whenever it is that Jesus returns, the list which Jesus provided which is recorded in Revelation 19 tells us what follows on after the list we looked at last time which is recorded for us in Matthew 24. Both are Jesus’ own prophecies of the future. 

After you read this next list, you will see that Jesus is talking about returning to the earth and settling here. There is no mention yet of taking believers anywhere else. As the list below is Jesus’ own job list, we should give more attention to it, rather than to Hollywood! The order of events Jesus gave only became controversial after religious people tampered with it. The early church didn’t have a problem understanding it. By sticking with the order Jesus gave us, it’s not difficult to understand that He is returning for a reason. Authors have made out that it is for escapism. 

HOW will Jesus return?

The angel told the disciples, that Jesus “will come back in the same way as you saw Him go”, (Acts 1:11). So the next question now is;- “How did Jesus ‘go’?”

A). Jesus left earth close to the Mount of Olives – in a cloud. 

B). Matt. 24:31 tells us that as Jesus returns – “He will send His angels with the great sound of a trumpet, and they will gather up the elect,…”, which tells us that His disciples are still on earth, (see also v.22). They have not been taken up into heaven before Jesus returns. They only meet the Lord in the air as He returns to the Mount of Olives. 

C). The Feast of Trumpets, (immediately prior to Tabernacles, end of Sept. - beginning of Oct. each year), is a feast that is still unfulfilled. It is also when Jews expect the Messiah to come. 

So all Christians have to do, is to read what Jesus said… not American novels…

Listen, Jesus wins and He is coming back ready or not – so remain faithful – as Jesus warns us that some will stop loving Him, in v. 12. 

Jesus’ order of events when He returns…

A). Rev.19:11-16.  King Jesus will destroy with a word all those massing to defeat Him in battle…

B). Rev.19:17-18.  Meat-eating birds then clean up those destroyed. 

C). Rev.19:19-21. The “beast” & “false prophet” are cast into hell.

D). Rev.20:1-3.     Satan is bound for 1,000 years. 

E). Rev.20:4-10.   The 1st resurrection happens when the ‘righteous’ are resurrected and reign for 1,000 years. 

F). Rev.20:11-15.  The 2nd resurrection references the wicked being resurrected for the day of judgment.

G). Rev.21:1-2.     Eventually, there will come a time when re-creation occurs when we get a new heaven and new earth. 

All that is the order which Jesus presented to John. Jesus warned us in Revelation 22:19 not to remove even one of His words – on pain of being removed from His Book of Life. 

If Jesus’ words are taken exactly as written, the book of Revelation is not too difficult to understand. Understanding the order above was not difficult for the early church to understand - which is why we need to keep Jesus’ order of events exactly as written. We must not change His order of events. That is critical. 

One of the most revered prophets amongst Jews is Isaiah, who prophesied about the Messiah coming more than any other and who was then sawn in half for his trouble by a wicked Jewish monarch. As Jesus said that the father of the murderer is Satan, that murder must have been satanic - especially as Isaiah was prophecying God’s plan of salvation. Proof of Isaiah’s existence has been found, which undermines certain theological lecturer’s beliefs! 


This is John Dunning signing off from “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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