David Pawson: Return of Christ Part 1 

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Thoughtful Thoughts 14.1.21 The Return of Jesus

Prophecies in the Bible really did come about. 80% have already taken place. The last 20% are to do with the return of Jesus. We can rely on the remaining 20% because the first 80% really came true. One example of the reliability of Bible prophecy is Ezekiel’s prophesy (in 26:12) that Tyre would be thrown into the sea, brick by brick. That was done to create a causeway to reach the people hiding from on an island off the coast of Tyre. That causeway still exists today. 


Most Bible prophecies are about the Messiah’s first or ‘Second Coming’. Today we can be certain about the prophecies relating to Messiah’s Second Coming because all those prophecies relating to His first coming came true. This link will show you what I mean. https://parish.rcdow.org.uk/swisscottage/wp-content/uploads/sites/52/2014/11/44-Prophecies-Jesus-Christ-Fulfilled.pdf

There is not enough space to post the list of prophecies, but from this link, you will see that it shows that we can identify who exactly the Messiah is so that there are no more excuses. It is mathematically impossible for the prophecies to refer to anyone apart from Jesus.  

So now you can see from the evidence that the Bible can be proven to be true. It is wicked that some religious leaders use the support they get from church-goers to undermine the Word of God. The clergy promise to uphold Christian beliefs in a serious religious ceremony - and then undermine what they swore to uphold. Some have even been rewarded after doing that with promotions to a Bishop or Archbishop. The facts in the Bible undermine the lies preached about it, and enable you to walk away from supporting churches whose leaders pour doubt on God’s Word. 

Instead, why not make it a new year’s resolution to only support those who are true to the Word of God. 

You can also watch David Pawson on the official David Pawson Trust website listed above. In the meantime, this is John Dunning signing off from “Thoughtful Thoughts” until next week when we continue this series. 


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