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Thoughtful Thoughts 8.12.17 - The 7 wonders of His story

The conception of Jesus

The Anglo Saxons and Celts were still worshipping the sun god when the Romans invaded Britain. They measured the days so when they got longer three days running, they welcomed the sun god back with sacrifices. In Britain the shortest day is December 22nd, but back then they only knew that as they kept measuring them until they found them getting longer again, and just to make sure, added 3 more days, which took them to December 25th.         

When the Catholic church arrived, it decided to join in with the existing pagan holiday but claimed they were celebrating a church day instead. Hence the real coming of Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles at the end of September was forgotten. (In Haiti the church retained voodoo holidays and in Rio it was the Carnival.)

The church was happy enough to compromise to get control, but it didn’t stop there. To gain more control the church taught that you could only get forgiveness from them, so they invented forgiveness through the church. They taught it was the church who saved you. They taught that Jesus was far too stern and busy to hear your prayers, but of course they had the answer. They reinvented the pagan religion of worshipping the queen of heaven. They claimed that Mary was actually “the mother of God”, and was sinless, and could be prayed to for forgiveness. In fact the church claimed that she had magic powers and all her other children were also born through more and more virgin births. They taught that she could do all this because she was the “queen of heaven”. Mary was made a “co-redeemer” of mankind along with Jesus; (called “Maria co-redemptrix”.) These heretical inventions came to be labelled by Protestants as “Mariology”. It is understandable that Muslims and Jews think Christians are blasphemers, because all this really is blasphemous. None of it is in the Bible and all of it comes from the vatican, which by the way was paid for by selling forgiveness - which came to be called ‘indulgences’. That wasn’t enough. The church was spending so much money that the vatican had an even more profitable idea...that now you could buy your relatives out of purgatory by giving even more money to this religion and a little “ditti” was created to weasle even more money out of poor ignorant citizens, which went like this… “As soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs”. When Luther heard this, he was like a man on fire. At first he thought it was just Tetzel overselling by doing it without Vatican approval - until he went to the Vatican and discovered that it was the Vatican who was behind it.

What the Bible does teach is that Mary recognised the pre-existence of the “Logos” (or “Word”), and called Jesus her “Saviour”, in the “Magnificat” in Luke’s gospel. Here, Mary says that she too is a sinner who needed a saviour.

When people were able to read the Bible for themselves, they decided to obey God rather than man and hence the Reformation came about, but standing up for the truth came at a cost. Foxe’s Book of Martyrs records those involved in the reformation being murdered by the church.

The church had hit rock bottom in the popularity stakes and so the church created a cult around a Bishop called “Niclause” who had become extremely popular with the locals for giving enough church money to three poor sisters to enable them to get married. It was so uncharacteristic for the church to give money away to the needy that he became like a pop idol. At this turn of events, the church seized on the opportunity capitalise on his cult like status, and made him a saint, hence ‘Saint Nicholas’, which became Santa Clause. In the 1930s Coca-Cola saw a marketing opportunity and turned Santa Clause into Father Christmas!

The Reformers banned Christmas for all these reasons and David Pawson now stands for getting Christ out of Christmas, and has a video called “Christ and Christmas” which explains ‘why’ he stands for that. (A “leftover” of the ban is that in Scotland they have “Hogmanay”.)

The church’s own home made religion had taken the world into the dark ages by creating another man made pagan religion, which it took the Reformation and hundreds of years to break free from.

Ironically, the “Logos”, the eternal Word,  changed from being in Spirit form into being in human form, nine months before His birth which was at the end of September. Nine months before the end of September is the end of December! So maybe we should be celebrating the eternal WORD becoming a human foetus in Mary’s womb at the end of December! Mary was so excited when an angel told her that she was going to be used by God to fulfil a prophecy to bring the Messiah into the world, that she came out with the “Magnificat”. The Messiah she called her Saviour by saying “My spirit has rejoiced in God my Saviour”; (Luke 1:46-47). The truth is far more amazing than any of the church’s pagan inventions. Sing with Mary, “My soul magnifies the Lord. My spirit has rejoiced in God my saviour”. God bless you as you re-read the Scriptures this holiday, which cost the lives of those who opposed the church by making it available to us.

I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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