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Biography for David Pawson

Born in 1930, David Pawson was determined to become a farmer, but to his surprise, God had other plans for him… So after completing his B.Sc in Agriculture, and obedient to this call, David went to study Theology at Cambridge University and also obtained a Master’s Degree there.

He was a Chaplain in the RAF for three years and went on to become Pastor of two Baptist Churches (Gold Hill in Buckinghamshire and the Millmead Centre in Guildford) where he maintained a strong Bible-teaching ministry

In 1979, he was released for a wider ministry to the Nation and has spoken in numerous towns and cities in the British Isles and also extensively overseas.

David Pawson’s depth of knowledge is combined with originality of thinking, and conviction of the Holy Spirit.

He authored more than 81 books including his best known work Unlocking the Bible. Other titles include Truth To Tell and The Normal Christian Birth.

At the age of 90, David ascended to be with our Lord on Ascension Day, 22nd May 2020