David Pawson: Unlocking the Bible--Revelation Pt3

Thoughtful Thoughts 28.4.17
Revelation Part 3. Jesus Wins!

If you ever wondered what to make of Revelation, here’s your chance to find out!
This week we look at part 3 of David Pawson’s message on Revelation.
Chapters two and three tell us what Jesus thinks of each type of church He encountered. After that it prepares believers for what will happen in the future. In chapter 5 John sees that Jesus is the only One who has the right to start the countdown to bring an end to world events, by opening the scroll. Jesus wants to prepare His people for what will happen. (We know this because He says so in 14:12-13.)

From Ch. 6-16 John is shown that there is trouble coming for believers which will increase in intensity and scale. Satan knows the end is near and throws everything he can at believers. They will be identified by those refusing his Satanic mark;- see 13:16-18. However, terror will fall on those perpetuating evil. God has promised to put His mark on His own people, (Ch.7:3), so that His terrors will not hurt them. (Cf. what happened to the Egyptians when they refused to release the Israelites and blood over the doorpost protected them from the angels). In other words, Jesus is giving His church fair warning, just as He did in the ‘Old’ Testament.
The seven seals that are opened all have specific meaning…Horses stood for a conquering military force. (The first time, Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey.)

i). The white horse shows this is the King.
ii). The red horse shows bloodshed. (Always associated with war).
iii). The black horse shows famine. (Often comes due to war).
iv). The green horse shows disease. (Often comes due to war).
(Horses used to stand for military aggression and this time it will be worldwide.)
Next comes the “Woes”…
v). There will be massive global persecution of believers and petitions to God from believers.
vi). Whilst the believers are being persecuted there will also be terror on the persecutors.
Vii). Then John witnessed a pause in heaven…a long silence, broken eventually by a huge earthquake.

All this was followed by seven trumpets, resulting in:-
i). The earth being scorched.
ii). The sea being polluted.
iii). The water becoming contaminated.
iv). Greatly reduced sunlight, leading to;-
Worldwide natural disasters, in the form of “woes”.
v). Specifically, a huge insect plague.
vi). Followed by an invasion of Israel.
vii). Another long pause, followed eventually by a delayed earthquake.

Then comes the “seven bowls”.
i). These bring boils on man.
ii). They will turn the sea to blood.
iii). And fresh water will also turn to blood
iv). There will be sunburn on mankind.
Followed by more ‘Woes’...which means;
v). There will be darkness on the earth.
vi). Followed by “Armageddon”
vii). Then a catastrophic earthquake that has been left hanging – twice, now all the sevens are being completed with a gigantic worldwide earthquake the like of which has never been seen before.

So what we have here are the seals of 1-6, followed by an interval, then the trumpets of 1-6, followed by an interval, then the bowls of 1-6 --- and all the number sevens happening simultaneously, bringing about the end as we know it.

The 24 elders make up the following…
The 12 tribes of Israel signifies the completion of the Jewish numbers and the 12 apostles represent the “complete number” of Gentile believers. In other words, God knows what that complete number is. In His time, everything will be worked out to plan.
What happens next? –well, that’s for next week! Meantime, watch the video!

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