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David Pawson - Unlocking the Bible - John Part 1 

(English Speaking, Chinese Subtitles)

Thoughtful Thoughts 23.2.18 “Unlocking The Bible”; John’s Gospel Part 1.

Each week we are going through David Pawson’s “Unlocking The Bible” video series. This week it’s John’s turn

In John we will see how John shows us the Divinity of Jesus.

Now all can see who Jesus really is. 

Those reading the Bible in a year plan that I shared saw in Exodus where God stipulates certain colours to be used in the Tabernacle. Those colours tie in with the 4 Dimensions mentioned above.

Blue represents Divinity, (And that is John’s focus in this gospel).

Purple represents Kingship. (And that is the focus in this Matthew’s gospel).

Scarlet represents Sacrifice and Servanthood. (And that is John’s focus in Mark’s gospel).

Linen represents Humanity, (compare Luke’s gospel).

By reading the “Old Testament” too, we will see just how much the Bible all hangs together, proving it is  inspired by one Divine Editor, God. You couldn’t make up all this inter-connectivity from so many authors).

We will be coming to Acts, which is really Luke part 2, where we see Jesus working through the disciples by the Holy Spirit, after His return to His Father.  

Jesus’ followers will die for Him, because of who He is. (And Jesus’ family is the only family that does not lose members through death!)

You will read through the whole Bible in a year if you read 3 chapters of the “Old Testament” daily, from Monday to Saturday, and 5 chapters of the New Testament on Sunday. (And if you are behind, just add a Psalm each evening).

If you believe the Bible is the most important book in the world, have you read it?

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I’m John Dunning and that’s “Thoughtful Thoughts” for another week.

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