David Pawson - Christianity Explained


'Christianity Explained' was originally published in 1977
as 'Truth to Tell', and has now been updated, revised
and re-issued by Terra Nova Publications.
David Pawson discusses the essential questions of the Christian faith.

Is there a God? Is He a good God? Was the death of Jesus murder or suicide? Where is He now? What does saved mean? How does one become a Christian?
What about the Holy Spirit? Where does the Church fit in? How will it all end?

Gerald Williams, in the foreword, writes, - "We learn the right prayers, pick up some jargon, but we still don't know whether God is real. Many preachers, intoxicated by theology and yet themselves apparently unsure, fail to teach the simple, basic truths. David Pawson took me with such clarity through all the undergrowth and I soon began to see the light shining ahead.

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David Pawson - Christianity Explained