David Pawson Sermon-2011 IHOP 12 DVDs Set

$125.00 $144.00

This DVD Set were recorded at IHOP June 2011 and have been shared before but not all on DVD

The End Times --------- DVD238

Israel in the End Times --------- DVD239

The Church in the End Times --------- DVD240

The Church and Israel --------- DVD241

Habakkuk Part 1 --------- DVD242

Habakkuk Part 2 --------- DVD243

The Song of Solomon --------- DVD244

The Righteousness of God --------- DVD245

Remarriage is Adultery unless.... --------- DVD246

Grace: Saving, Sovereign or Free --------- DVD247

Once Saved Always Saved? --------- DVD248

The Mercy of God --------- DVD249

If you buy this DVD set in May 2015, we will give you an interview DVD called "Israel's Legal Status" for FREE.

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David Pawson Sermon-2011 IHOP 12 DVDs Set