David Pawson -The Uniqueness of Christ (2 DVDs)


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Our society is based on a variety of philosophies - pluralism, rationalism, socialism and so on.

How is the Christian life to be different?

David Pawson discusses Jesus Christ's claim to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. He examines His miraculous power and moral purity and describes the essential qualities of His uniqueness which extends beyond his earthly life.

The DVD running time is nearly four hours, divided into six teaching sessions of 35-40 mins each. Very suitable for group discussion.

1. Is He the only way?
2. What is Truth?
3. Were His Deeds and Words Unique?
4. Who did He Think He Was?
5. When Did His Life End?
6. When Did His Life Begin?

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David Pawson -The Uniqueness of Christ (2 DVDs)